About me

Luxuriously Experimental

I am independent designer and creative strategist based in Atlanta. In addition to my profession in graphic design, I also am an art director for photo shoots, a plant-based installation artist, and a digital 3D modeling artist. 


Design Approach

You’re trying to make things a little more interesting and keep your company up to date. It’s a great company so why is it always so hard to convince people that the company needs to be more creative? It’s getting harder and harder to keep up every year as the markets get more volatile and communication gets faster. There’s no guarantee of which trends will last and which will expire in 3 months. 

All the market research in the world cannot guarantee which campaigns can last a couple of years and which will go out of style in a couple of months. But you can be more intentional with marketing and design and use research to base your decisions off of. Innovation does not have to be random or ephemeral. 

I can help innovate in a way that’s appropriate for your company through a methodology that explores your company’s business goals and values before designing anything. In the design world, we often call it strategy but that’s just business jargon for thinking through an idea before executing it.Through discovery, strategy and design thinking, we can craft campaigns and brands that create value for the company. Not just a new hashtag or gimmick. 

About me

Why work with me?

  1. I specialize in luxury brand design so my branding methodology is clear, to the point, and thoughtful. 

  2. My process is business-oriented to create a unified vision that stakeholders and consumers can both understand and enjoy.

  3. I’m a strategist, not just designer. I help you envision your design and make design decisions that are best for you brand.



Some of my


These are a few of the amazing businesses I’ve helped authentically connect with their target audiences.