Kati Horna
Branding, Exhibition Design

Kati Horna’s work consisted of surreal, black and white photos that pushed the boundaries of fine art photography from the 1930s to the 1960s. The photographs were sold at a selling exhibition and were available for viewing at Sotheby’s New York and later traveled to Sotheby’s Los Angeles. I designed the logo, style, and layout of the exhibit. The branding for the exhibit was used on print ads, online ads, building signage, and wall vinyls. Kati Horna’s dark and sometimes melancholy style is reflected in the design. The wall text and title were displayed in an antiquated, dark gray font. The title text was displayed on a movable wall that was placed in the middle of the room. The last section of the exhibit was displayed on the back of this same wall, creating an unusual viewing experience. Section one of the exhibit started at the entrance and moved clockwise around the room.

Opening Reception for Kati Horna exhibit in Sotheby’s S|2 space

Atlanta, GA, USA  33° N -84° W