Juniper Cafe
Branding, Architectural Signage
Launched October 2021

Juniper Cafe is a full-service, no-fuss, tasty Vietnamese food restaurant. While most Vietnamese restaurants in the greater Atlanta area reside along Buford highway, the chef Ronald Hsu aims to redefine what it means to be a Vietnamese restaurant through branding, approachable food options, and a beautiful restaurant environment in a more centrally-located part of Atlanta. The branding of Juniper is un-corporate, playful, and bright just like the food and the interior of the restaurant.

The Neon Company


Signage for Juniper Cafe included 2 signs: one neon sign and one blade sign. The neon sign was designed to be read from the furthest line of sight from the road which was 520 feet. The sign is non-channeled, basically lacking in-set metal letters, because of the detailed-ness of the logo. To increase legibility, the logo is painted in white behind the pink neon letters. 

These two signs underwent a city sign permitting and passed the requirements for height and size of sign. 

Planning, fabrication, permitting, and zoning for Juniper Cafe neon sign and blade sign. 

Photography by Eric Sun

Brand Guide including brand strategy, icon design, type ladder, patterns, and color guide.

Art advisory for Juniper Cafe’s interior, showcasing neon, mixed-media art from local Atlanta artist Madora Frey

Atlanta, GA, USA  33° N -84° W