Humble Pie
Branding, Architectural Signage, Menu Design
Opened January 2023

From the team behind James Beard Nominated Lazy Betty and Juniper Cafe (named a 2022 Best New Restaurant by bon appétit), including Chefs Ron Hsu and Aaron Phillips, Humble Pie serves vegetable-forward menus using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.

The Humble Pie branding project was an enormous endeavor that took two years, lots of handdrawing, coordinating with fabricators, sign ordinance permitting through the city government, and many, many assets. 

The final project included:
- 24 page brand guide
- 5 signs
- 6 vinyl installs
- 8 menus 
- 1 pizza box, with 6 initial explorations
- 20 templates for social
- 1 website
- Numerous one-off assets


Commercial Signs

Marquee signage sits above the bar that can be read from below and seen from the mezanine level above.

Planning, fabrication, permitting, and zoning for Humble Pie neon sign, two marquee signs, one painted sign, and one blade sign.

-----------Process photos-----------

Atlanta, GA, USA  33° N -84° W