Biosphere Re-cap

To set the stage, we designed for a reality where over the next 100 years we continue on the path we’re on now: completely unchecked pollution. By 2021, Tybee Island will be 7 feet under water and New Orleans will be 10 feet under water. The entire Southeast will cope with chronic flooding alternating with difficult droughts. The population of the United States will grow to 600 million, the majority of which residing in climate-controlled biospheres, or cities. Atlanta’s biosphere will contain the ten counties of Greater Atlanta. Atlanta will house millions of more climate refugees from Coastal Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. Greater Atlanta’s population will grow from 6 million to 30 million.

Biosphere Atlanta
Let’s Design the City of our Solarpunk Dreams
Lecture, Facilitation

Imagine Atlanta in 2121. What does it look like to you? How has climate change affected the city? In a group design discussion, these are the questions we attempted to answer. 

Through the design non-profit Practise Makes practise, we invited designers of all disciplines to re-design Atlanta as the carbon sequestering utopia we’ve always dreamed of. No budget. No restrictions. 

Graphic Designers Brady Price and Mariana Silva


Designers Branden Collins and Christopher Knowles

Biosphere Atlanta
The environmental degradation of Georgia’s forests, rivers, and soil will mean we will have to terraform the land we already live on much as space colonists would on Mars. Over the next 100 years, Atlanta will house climate refugees from Florida and coastal Georgia. How can we design an Atlanta that is prepared for climate change, provides housing for climate refugees, and sequesters carbon?

Atlanta, GA, USA  33° N -84° W